Surviving and Thriving- Implementation Time


Here are some important implementation steps to keep in mind:

Business Steps:

  • Lawyer or CPA/Accountant (articles of incorporation, sole proprietorship, copyright, etc.)
  • Determine Protective Insurance Requirements (protective insurance) – (liability insurances, worker’s compensation insurance, D&O insurance, EPLI insurance, property insurance, etc.)

Business Permits / Licensure Steps:

  • Business Licensure
  • EIN Number (Employer Identification Number)
  • NPI Number (If Applicable)
  • Home occupation permit(If Applicable)
  • Zoning permit (If Applicable)
  • Building permit (If Applicable)
  • Health department permit (If Applicable)
  • Sales tax license (If Applicable)
  • Sellers permit (If Applicable)
  • Fire and police department permit (If Applicable)
  • Withholding tax registration
  • And additional requirements based on business model.